"Where the rivers meet"

125 x 125 x 245 cm
Makrana marble
Uttarayan Art Foundation, Vadodara, India.


160 x 190 x 245 cm
BenQ Foundation, Taiwan.

Elliniko, Ioannina, Greece

120x50x175 cm

Venerato, Heracleion Greece 


2017- Halifax, NS, Canada
120 x 120 x 300 cm 

Temple with view.

Ayia Napa, Cyprus 
190x380x190 cm

The sculpture has the caracter of a little temple with a plastic development inside of the stone. It is a space that creates an enviroment for meditation and spiritual quest.

2016- Sarande, Albania 

2016- "Seeking Zarathoustra"

130 x 110 x 250cm

Granite & Basalt

Saint John, N B Canada 

The sculpture is a visual and a conceptual Passage. It can be a path that leads us to our spirituality.


Nashua, NH USA 

“The sculpture is a composition that offers an environment for dialogue around the concept of inequality.”


Halifax, NS Canada

The sculpture is a Space  which can act both as a Shelter and as an Escape at the same time. 

 It can function as a Passage  through Time and towards Light.  


"The window"
Polis Crysoxous Cyprus

The windows. 

In these dark rooms where I live out
empty days, I circle back and forth
trying to find the windows.
It will be a great relief when a window opens.
But the windows are not there to be found—
or at least I cannot find them. And perhaps
it is better that I don’t find them.
Perhaps the light will prove another tyranny.
Who knows what new things it will expose?

2011- Iannena, Greece.

 Iannena, Greece

The sculpture is placed in a curve of the road from Ioannina to the Museum 'Theodoros Papayannis'' in Greece having as a background the mountains of Tzoumerka. The concept and the function of it is based on the traditional "Iconostasis" that can be found in many Greek roads. It is a picture-frame to the landscape. It is also a resting stop at this landscape. It is functioning as a place of praying, meditating and spiritual quest.


 Paros Island, Greece.


 Athens, Greece


2008- Aniksi Attica, Greece

2006- Antalya, Turkey

2006- Katerini, Greece

2006- Pireus, Greece, in progres

2006- Pireus, Greece

2004-  Dionyssos, Attica Greece

2004- Train Station Pefkakia , Athens Greece

2004- Train Station Pefkakia , Athens Greece detail

2004- Train Station Pefkakia , Athens Greece

The sculpture first creates a sense of resistance. The second one resembles more a sacrifice. For me, this project was an expression of anguish and a protest.


2000- Lemesos, Cyprus.

2000- Kalamata, Greece.

2002 Abington Art Centre, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Temporary installation.  

1996- Ioannina, Greece.

1996- Dreieich, Frankfurt Main, Germany. 
European sculpture Symposium.

1995- Konitsa, Greece.